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Applicants who seek admission into Fountain Heights Secondary School are required to take a competitive entrance examination. 

About Our School

Fountain Educational Organization has existed for over FIVE decades and through its Nursery and Primary Schools, sustained a reputation as a foremost private institution committed to the promotion of excellence in child education.

The establishment of Fountain Heights Secondary School in the year 2001 was inspired by the demand of our parents to extend our tradition of academic excellence to a higher level.

Core Values & Vision

Our Core Values
* Honesty * Integrity * Industry

Our Vision
To raise young selfless leaders who will stand for what is right

Our Motto
…to greater heights

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Our Mission

At Fountain Heights our end objective is to produce responsible, independent, dedicated, hardworking and balanced young men and women whose minds are trained to expand.

We are ever so mindful of the fact that our students are being prepared for a wider, competitive world; to this end, our facilities are constantly upgraded to meet 21st century standards.

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Key to Success

  • A comprehensive curriculum and a vibrant co-curricular program that seeks to optimally develop the potential in every child
  • Sound moral instruction and mentoring
  • A culture of continuous improvement in facilities, processes and methods
  • A track record of consistently good results in external examinations: WASSCE, IGCSE, SAT, TOEFL, NECO

Our School Song

We drink of the fountain of life
Draw inspiration from the fountain of wisdom,
fountain of knowledge. We boldly take charge of our lives;
frame our world, set it fast with words of comfort, words of hope
And we are encouraged.
Strengthened with words free of condemnation.

Refrain: To greater heights (2xce)
We strive, we reach for excellence.
We dare to dream, we dare to build
We dare to scale
Ever high peaks.

We achieve because we believe
In good, in beauty in love.
We strive because we hope
for the fleece, for great
treasures of light, of power, of sweetness,
We see, we reflect an image
of harmony, of truth, of purity,
We can therefore we achieve.



Why Choose Fountain Heights?

In addition to our excellent curriculum which is geared toward making our students psychologically and physically prepared for the various developmental stages and associated challenges in life, counselling has become a vital part of the educational system at Fountain Heights.

Teachers are quite sensitive to the moods of the students and are quick to refer necessary cases to the Guidance Counsellor who has the professional wherewithal to guide our students not only on personal matters but also in respect of their careers.

Boost academic performance

A lot of the skills that lie at the heart of extracurricular activities can be used during core academic subjects. Education requires solid problem-solving skills, memory, creativity, and critical thinking. To varying degrees, you can find an extracurricular activity that has an impact on these areas.

Research has been carried out that develops a link between extracurricular participation and better academic performance. In one study by the Texas A&M University, important academic outcomes like reading, math achievement and course grades were all found to be positively influenced by children who engage in extracurricular activities.

Rich Curriculum

Classes are commodious, comfortable and conducive to learning. Modern furniture, proper illumination and ventilation enable students to read and receive their lessons in complete comfort.

Excellent Guidance

Counselling is a vital part of our education system. Teachers are quite sensitive to the moods of students and are quick to refer necessary cases to our professional Guidance Counsellors.

Memorable School Life

Fountain Heights Secondary Schools has a well balanced school life that keeps your child active and focused on his/her studies in our volatile society.

Why choose us

Our end objective is to produce responsible, independent, hardworking, dedicated and balanced young men and women whose minds are trained to expand

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Talk it out with Mrs. Delano

12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Sports’ Practice 1st Exeat

12:00 am - 11:59 pm

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Boarding House

Fountain Heights has a beautiful boarding house. For the security of our students, the details are not available online.

Chukwuazolem Adaeze Onaro!
Fountain Heights Secondary School is abuzz with excitement as we proudly announce the stellar achievement of our student, Chukwuazolem Adaeze Onaro!

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